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National Administrative Database

In 2014, the group of CK-NET was invited to participate in China-WHO Biennial Collaborative Project. With the support of this project and WHO, the CK-NET Work Group conducted an in-depth investigation on kidney diseases based on the national administrative database, including patient characteristics, diagnosis and treatment, surgery, medical quality monitoring indicators, hospitalization expenditure, and other conditions.

Under the framework of the China-WHO Biennial Collaborative Project, CK-NET has released China Kidney Disease Network Annual Data Report in 2017 and in 2019, respectively, which were both published on top journals in the field of nephrology (American Journal of Kidney Diseases, Kidney International, and Kidney International Supplements). CK-NET has provided resourceful information and benchmark data for kidney diseases in China. Some relevant results and policy recommendations have been submitted to the National Health Commission of China as scientific evidence for policy development and decision support.

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