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Regional Medical Data Platform

In September 2018, in order to help promote the construction of big data platforms in health and medicine and the utilization of research findings, Qimin Zhan academician workstation of Ningbo Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and Peking University Center for Data Science in Health and Medicine Ningbo Yinzhou Research Base was set up. In April 2019, CK-NET has launched the “Haiyan” Kidney +X Initiative, and plans to build a replicable Learning Health System for kidney diseases based on Ningbo regional health data platform.

Ningbo Center for Disease Control and prevention has made outstanding achievements in information construction. For example, since 2008, Yinzhou District of Ningbo City has begun to build a national health information platform and has formed a data exchange and sharing platform connecting the business information systems of various medical and health institutions. Currently, there are 1.027 million electronic records of the permanent resident population in Yinzhou District, and the rate of electronic health records has reached 95.1%, linking almost all aspects of healthcare, including public health, health insurance, disease registries and clinical practice.

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